Lubosh’s Art:  Buddha LOVE and Garden LOVE.
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Lubosh Cech_resizedGuest Artist Lubosh Cech

A Czech by birth and an American by choice, my inspiration originates in the visual traditions of Czech lyricism. Growing up in Prague gave me a strong foundation of rich artistic and cultural lineage that I draw from to this day. I am classically educated in studio art, photography and art history.

Escaping the communist regime of Czechoslovakia, I first lived in Italy as a political refugee and later moved to the United States. I worked at Harvard University Art Museums in Cambridge, Massachusetts installing and designing art exhibitions for nearly a decade.

My desire for a deeper understanding of life led me to the practice of yoga and meditation and I left my job at Harvard to pursue a full-time spiritual life. The twelve years of intense Ashram studies that followed and the exposure to the most accomplished teachers gave me a profoundly rich experience, significantly shaping my personal and artistic unfoldment.

My home and studio are in Portland, Oregon where I work as an art director, graphic designer, photographer, filmmaker, and branding consultant.

In 2001 I founded Oko Design Studio, a design firm specializing in branding, as well as book and web design. Recognizing the power of the film medium and taking the art of photography to the next level, I started Naked River Films, a film company producing documentaries about art, spirituality and personal and global transformation.

I believe that a cultivation of consciousness and beauty can benefit everyone’s life. In my own life, as well as in my work, I want to break down the conditioning that has kept us from seeing the greater reality we live in.

Please join me in this effort. I’m interested in collaborating with like-minded individuals and companies. Together, we can make this world a better place.

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